Technical Information

Having a vast experience in the field of Civil Construction, we offer a comprehensive range of building, architectural, landscaping and designing services like building projects, residential contracts, interior designing, structural designing and architectural projects. Our Civil Construction Services are available at market competitive prices that fit to client's budget.

This section provides you with expert information and technical guidance on the many performance benefits of concrete, including the use of concrete in a variety of applications whilst adopting a range of construction methods and solutions.

Backed by extensive experience, our array of services has been implemented for:

  • Residential Buildings (Low-rise & High-rise)
  • Multi-Storied Buildings (Low-rise & High-rise)
  • Commercial Buildings (Retail and Office)
  • Information Technology Parks
  • Infrastructure Works
  • Educational Facilities
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Petro-Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Buildings
  • Sub-Stations
  • Pipe Racks
  • Sewerage & Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Civil & Structural Steel Works

We having working familiarity in this constructions fields for Both India and overseas experience also, In large and multi-storeyed buildings, Residential, Commercial, Information tech parks, Infra structures, Collage buildings & Hostels, Air ports terminals building and air force staff quarters Metro rail, Petrol-Chemical industries, Sub-stations, Pipe racks, pharmaceuticals buildings, Linear Alkyl Benzene industries, Glass factory-Sewerage and Sewage Treatment Plant, Sugar Mills, Civil and Structural Steel works.